Sanitary Sewer Project

LaPorte County Regional Sewer and Water District is moving forward with the planning and design of a sanitary sewer system for the purpose of eliminating the existing septic systems serving the properties within the Hudson Lake and Saugany Lake Service Areas. Check back on this page from time to time as there will be more information and mailings distributed as the project progresses. In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 574-232-4388 or via email at:


  • July 2022 – District authorizes use of BAN for preconstruction costs.

  • July 2022 – District authorizes proceeding with topographic survey.

  • July/August 2022 – District’s Rate Consultant/ Legal Counsel/ Bond Counsel prepares documents for BAN.

  • August 2022 – District selects engineer.

  • September 2022- August 2023 – Survey/ Design, Permitting, and Land Acquisition.

  • November 2022 – District Closes on BAN.

  • December 2022 – PER approved.

  • August 2023 – Submit Permit Application

  • August 2023 – Provide notice of service to customers

  • September 2023 – Advertise for construction bids.

  • October 2023 – Construction bids received.

  • October 2023 – Engineers provide bid recommendation to District.

  • October 2023 – Final rate report delivered by Financial Consultant; confirms bond parameters.

  • October 2023 – Board of Trustees introduces rate ordinance.

  • October 2023 – Notice of public hearing on rates and charges delivered to newspapers.

  • October 2023 – Notice of public hearing on rates and charges published in the _________________.

  • November 2023 – Notice of public hearing on rates and charges published in the________________________________.

  • November 2023 – Board of Trustees conducts a public hearing on rates and charges.

  • December 2023 – Board of Trustees adopts rate ordinance (30-day objecting period begins on rate ordinance); executed BAN redemption letter.

  • December 2023 – Notice of new rates mailed to all users (may be included on billing statement).

  • January 2024 – Due diligence package, draft parity report, and closing letter filed with SRF; Draft deposit agreement sent to BONY; closing documents sent to SRF and RUD.

  • January 2024 – Bond Counsel receives executed closing documents.

  • January 2024 – Bond Counsel uploads executed documents to ShareFile.

  • January 2024 – 30-day objecting period expires on the rate ordinance.

  • February 2024 – Pre-closing with SRF in Indianapolis.

  • February 2024 – Closing; notice to proceed given: BAN redeemed.